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STEP 1: Vendor Agreement

Vendor Guide & Terms (For 2015 Vendors)


The set-up for each Hastings Flea in 2016 will begin at 8:00am. The Flea will be open to patrons from 10am-4pm. We will do our absolute best to not disturb the residents on Southside Ave who don't share our affinity and excitement for early morning flea market set up.


Rain Check Policy
The Hastings Flea 2016 season has a rain or shine policy.


Cancellation Policy
Refund policy for space and equipment rental:

Cancellation 30+ days before the Flea date=100% Refund

Cancellation 15-29 days before Flea date=50% Refund

Cancellation 0-14 days before the Flea date=0% Refund

(Does not apply to Food Trucks)

Ground Rules

The Hastings Flea aims to be a unique and inspired community market for antiques, art and collectibles. We ask our vendors and customers to help us achieve this goal by observing a few basic rules:


  • Each Vendor will review the Vendor Agreement prior to rental.

  • Merchandise must be kept in the spirit of unique handmade crafts, home goods, antiques, and collectibles.

  • Each Vendor is required to keep his/her own area clean.  No one is permitted to leave any discarded merchandise, cartons, boxes or debris of any kind.  These must be removed from the Flea in your own vehicles.  Vendors who leave garbage will be subject to a surcharge of $25 and/or refusal of future set up.

  • Vendors who place merchandise on tables other than their assigned space will be charged.  Vendors may “spread out” within the defined Flea area after 11AM if the adjacent space is unoccupied.

  • No vendor shall move any table from its location or affix or attach anything to a table.

  • There is no subletting of spaces to other vendors.

  • Management reserves the right to designate the size and placement of permitted vehicles and tables and the manner in which anything is displayed.

  • Every Vendor must, upon request, furnish his/her name, address and telephone number.

  • Management reserves the right to refuse rental to any persons it deems necessary, especially for the sale of certain items which are expressly prohibited: alcoholic beverages, explosives, firearms, ammunition or any item of pornographic or obscene nature.

  • The Hastings Flea Market reserves the right to move, cancel, assign or use any vendor space at its discretion without cause.

  • The acceptance and rental of space at the Hastings Flea by Vendor constitutes a complete release by Vendor of Owner’s liability from all claims for injury and damage to persons and property arising out of, or in anyway related to, Vendor’s use of the premises, injuries caused by others or injury to persons entering these premises or damage or loss due to fire, theft, breakage or collision, or articles left in dealers vehicles or on the premises, including all costs, expenses and attorney’s fees incurred by Owner in connection with any such claims.



Vendor Terms of Agreement (Legal Stuff)


I agree that I am only authorized to sell the types of merchandise listed in my Vendor Application.


Sale or display of counterfeit merchandise is strictly forbidden.


I agree to abide by the rules and regulations provided by Hastings Flea, which allow me to sell the merchandise described in my Vendor Application at the Hastings Flea Market (the “Flea”) on the terms set forth in the Agreement (this “Agreement") below. I understand that this agreement constitutes a contract between myself as “Vendor” as licensee and Bella Vin LLC (d.b.a Hastings Flea). In consideration for my payment of rental fees, utility charges, taxes and other charges at the rate(s) established from time to time by Management, the Agreement, if issued, will give me the non-exclusive and limited right to sell the merchandise specified in my Vendor Application from the space(s) set forth from time to time in Management’s receipt for the fees and other charges that I pay. I understand that Management reserves the exclusive right to designate the vendor space(s) that I am licensed to sell from, to change my vendor space(s) from time to time, and to refuse to renew my agreement at any time, for any reason, or for no reason at all. I further agree to comply with all Rules and Regulations currently in effect, or as may be changed by Management from time to time. I understand that my Agreement may be revoked for violations of the Agreement or any other Rules and Regulations in effect from time to time. If Management agrees to grant Vendor a rental space pursuant to this Agreement Management will issue a receipt to Vendor for the initial payment of fees, and other charges.


Risk of Loss, Insurance and Indemnification- Vendor assumes sole risk of loss, theft or damage to merchandise and other personal property belonging to vendor while such property or merchandise is in Vendor’s space or on the Flea premises or being stored by Management as provided below. Vendor acknowledges that neither Management nor the owner of the Hastings Flea Market assumes any responsibility to insure the safety or to protect Vendor’s merchandise from loss or damage caused by fire, rain, theft, malicious mischief, accident or any other cause. Vendor acknowledges that Vendor has been advised to purchase insurance to protect against these and other losses. Vendor agrees to indemnify and hold Management and the owner of the Flea and their partners, directors, officers, shareholders, managers, employees and its agent harmless from any liability damage, cost or expense (including reasonable attorneys’ fees and court costs) arising from (a) Vendor’s use of or activities in or around Vendor’s spaces (s) or the Flea premises and/or (b) injury to persons or property resulting from any cause whatsoever including, but not limited to, any furniture or fixtures in Vendor’s Space, or from Merchandise, other property or other items sold or exchanged by Vendor. Vendor assumes full responsibility for all merchandise Vendor offers for sale.


Food Vendors- All vendors serving food or beverage for consumption at the Flea are required to obtain an insurance policy with no less than $1,000,000 per occurrence limits. A certificate of insurance naming the market as additional insured should be provided prior to occupying your vendor space.




Step 2: Payment

Please Send a Check (payable to Ilana Donna Productions) for $70 for a 10 X 10 spot and/or $35 for a tent to:

Ilana Arazie

59 Maple Ave Apt 3B

Hastings on Hudson, NY 10706



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